Thursday, May 20, 2010

More shocking news from the something-for-nothing crowd...

Howie, Kraus, Deurloo get tea party endorsement, RCJ

State Sen. Gordon Howie got the public endorsement Thursday that he was expecting from Citizens for Liberty.


Former state Sen. J.P. Duniphan was surprised, however, when Citizens for Liberty endorsed former state Rep. Elizabeth Kraus in the District 33 Republican state Senate primary.

Citizens for Liberty president (and former "social" war protester) Barb Lindberg announced the endorsements during a tax day rally at Memorial Park. Duniphan left the rally shortly after that endorsement was made.

These folks are 100% class. I tell ya.

"I was very surprised. I thought they were going to be fair and interview the candidates before they endorsed," Duniphan said.

Duniphan clearly has not be reading the paper recently...

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  1. A pile of broken class...shattered at birth...too bad this state doesn't have brooms.
    Rooms and rooms full of brooms and brooms.