Thursday, April 15, 2010

Young Dems in Brookings this weekend!

This came across the internets... just a reminder.

This is looking like a MOVEMENT!

A few highlights:

  • Robert Doody from the ACLU will be there updating the group on non-discrimination efforts of ACLU and EqSD, both non-partisan organizations. Will the Young Republicans invite him too?
  • Julie Bartling, I'm sure, will be talking up her legendary support for the young women of South Dakota. (Yes, I'm still mad about 2006. You should be, too.)
  • I think it's real nice that Rep Herseth Sandlin is taking an interest in South Dakota politics.

This is a reminder that our first ever convention will be this Saturday at the Shamrock in Brookings. Highlights will include Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth Sandlin at 4:00!

Registration is $10, $20 if you would like lunch. Hope to see you there!


9:00 Official Business and Campaign 2010
10:00 Media training with Rick Hauffe

10:30 Caucuses:
LGBT: Non Discrimination Policies and DADT, Robert Doody ACLU
Rural: Representative Jason Frerichs
Women:Carmen Toft, Planned Parenthood
Minority Caucus: Voting Rights and the Reservation, Kevin Killer

Candidates Luncheon featuring:
Ben Nesselhauf
Julie Bartling
Dan Ahlers
Pam Merchant
Jason Frerichs
Anthony Valella
Devin Oliver
Angie Buhl
State E.D. Erin McCarrick
Repower South Dakota"s Matt McGovern

1:30 Training with Organizing for America State Director Amanda Mack
4:00Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth Sandlin

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