Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Silly, Frightened Voices Carry

Steve Hickey brings us some silliness this evening from East of the River:

Mike Huether a step toward Sioux Falls becoming a haven for gays nationwide?

A fascinating, and only recently disclosed "detail," is that former Obama campaign genius Steve Hildebrand is Sioux Falls Mayoral candidate Mike Huether's campaign manager. Who are we kidding, Hildebrand has never even hinted that he gives a rip about Sioux Falls economics. To quote the Washington Post a few weeks ago… "[Hildebrand] is especially frustrated about the lack of progress on gay rights". It's well established that he's all about gay rights and gay marriage and now gay adoption. And, good for him. I wish him well. Yet, friends tell me he's been heard on a conference call to have said something to the effect that he aims to see Sioux Falls become a gay-friendly mecca. Maybe he didn't use the word mecca, but the idea was that our city would become a place where homosexuals nationwide could come and live openly.

Shocking. Everyone in Sioux Falls treating each other with dignity and respect. Good Lord, I hope we don't see THAT in our lifetimes.

I'm sure if Steve makes it into the Legislature, he will do all he can to take as much dignity away from LGBT South Dakotans as he can.

I love this one too:

I do want an explanation from Mike on what "progressive" means to him in the context of Sioux Falls becoming even more of a family-friendly city. You can't have strong communities without strong families.

Mr. Hickey does not get it at all, does he. Strong families welcome all their members, even the members of the family that just may be (or are openly) LGBTQ.

And he wonders why Democrats, the real family-values party, are as a group more likely to support Huether than this opponent Kermit "Dr. No" Staggers, who is (according to the Argus) famous for often casting the only dissenting vote on City Council. (Yup, Kermit will build bridges in Sioux Falls for sure.)

Badlands Blue has a great take on the Sioux Falls mayoral race tonight:
[Since Stagger's supporters] can’t convince normal people that Kermit is normal or capable of being mayor, so their only hope is to destroy Mike's solid reputation.


  1. Agreed. Pastor Hickey's effort to manufacture an issue on fear and prejudice is an unpleasant stretch.

  2. I expected a lecture of this sort on being "truly inclusive" from those like yourself who are agressively inhospitable and hostile toward any who espouse traditional values.

  3. Pastor Steve,

    I don't particularly care what values you espouse, but can you lay off my friends? It's getting old.

  4. Great, thanks for the sharing.

  5. "Lay off your friends? It's getting old? "

    FYI- this is the first time I've braved to venture out and comment on this issue. It is a legitimate question to ask Huether: What promises related to gay issues, if any, have you made to Hildebrand to garnish his support?

    Sioux Falls voters have a right to know the implications of electing him.

  6. You talk like it's some conspiracy Hilde is secretly engineering to turn Sioux Falls pink.

    There is a vibrant LGBT community in Sioux Falls and they all have families and friends. You can be sure they will be more receptive to voting for someone who is ready for Sioux Falls to join the rest of the nation in the (very late) realization that acceptance of different sexual orientation and gender identity is not a threat to families. The closet isn't good for anyone.

    In fact when self-styled "social conservatives" figure out that interfering in people's private lives is in truth quite an un-conservative instinct, and that accepting people as they are allows more freedom and opportunity for EVERYONE, maybe then we can make more progress moving South Dakota forward.

  7. In 1995 The South Dakota Family Policy Council put out a one page fear spreader lying about AIDS to ignorant South Dakotans...claiming South Dakota was becoming another San Francisco. HUH???
    All any teabagger or Resnublican has to do is mention gays in some negative light and they get elected no matter what else they believe. Such a sad state we have here....sad.

  8. Well, I wish I could agree Sioux Falls has a vibrant LGBT community. They certainly leave the small towns and may go to SF, but most leave the state entirely. If they feel the state isn't tolerable to live, it reflects on life for everybody. A small mind expects everyone to live just like they do.