Friday, April 23, 2010

Governor Rounds' cronyism puts Rep. Conzet in the national spotlight

CREW, a bipartisan government watchdog organization, just released a list of the eleven worst governors across the Nation. Prominent on the list is our own Gov Marion M. Rounds.
In compiling Worst Governors, CREW reviewed the job performances of all 50 U.S. governors before identifying the worst 11. Though ethics laws, campaign finance rules and financial disclosure regulations vary from state to state, CREW found these governors’ proclivities for corruption, cronyism and self-enrichment outweighed their competency, integrity and commitment to transparency.

I guess googling "Kristin Conzet" will no longer harvest so few results, not because of anything she did (or didn't do in) in Pierre, but instead because she gets honorable mention in CREW's "worst Governor" rating for Rounds:

Gov. Rounds rewarded a business partner when he appointed his partner’s daughter, Kristen [sic] Conzet, to an open seat in the state legislature. In late 2009, state Rep. Brian Dreyer of Rapid City, S.D., resigned his seat pending his deployment to Afghanistan; Gov. Rounds then appointed Ms. Conzet to fill his seat. Gov. Rounds and Ms. Conzet’s father, Karl Fischer, run insurance and real estate agencies together.

I'm so proud.

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