Wednesday, March 24, 2010


The SDDP reminds us that the clock is running out for the 2010 primary election...:

March 30 is the deadline for petitions for:

- SD Legislature
- SD Statewide Races (Turns out our at-large Rep may have a primary challenger: Dr Kevin Weiland! -- is already national news.)
- Delegates for State Convention

More details at the South Dakota Sec of State site.

UPDATE: oh boy oh boy, Elizabeth Kraus (is she no longer Munro?) has her hat in the ring already.

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  1. Hooray! It will be EASY to vote for him over Stephanie. I've been so disappointed in her and I let her know so! I stopped in at her R.C. office last week and sent her an email to try to dissuade her from voting against the health care bill. I told her that I (and many other Democrats) would be "former supporters" if she voted against it. I'm excited about the prospect of Kevin Weiland's candidacy. Finally, someone with real Democratic values!