Saturday, March 6, 2010

Radical's Political Picks for March 2010

Here's what I recommend you spend your limited political capital on:

Re-elect Patti Martinsen to Rapid City Council

Patti has been a friend of reality and has been supportive of all Rapid Citians, not just those that are well-connected with the network. The #1 reason to vote to return her to the council is that she voted against the trumped-up censure of Sam Kooiker. With some members not running for re-election, and the terrifying prospect of folk like Joseph Budd running for a seat, it's important that we return Patti to the City Council.

I really doubt Patti's opponent will vote against the interests that clearly want to run this town by dictate with no one asking questions.

Sign the petition and vote for an at-large member of the Rapid City School Board

This proposed change would allow us to have 5 elected board members by district and 2 "at large" board members chosen from all of Rapid City. The reason this is a good idea is that it will allow more people to run; we could have two people on the board who live in the same area. This encourages greater participation in school board elections. (Many school board members have been unchallenged for years (ie no vote!). No election, no accountability--it's that simple.)

Need a petition? Contact the Centers for Equality, they definitely have one for you to sign.

Join Equality South Dakota

Equality South Dakota has made great strides to help our state include everyone, including those of us that happen to be LGBT (and our friends). Let's keep our talent here in South Dakota! Sign up at our website -- it's free! Consider donating, or just join us and get in the loop.


  1. Anonymous19:59

    I see censureship is alive and well in Radical's neighborhood....bigot.

  2. I reject comments that include ugly personal attacks and profanity. If you have a problem with that, you may be wasting your time commenting here.

    Bad spelling is fine, as you can see.

  3. Anonymous14:20

    So what you're saying is, that only you can be right.....and anyone who doesn't agree with you, is a far right wingnut? Nice point of you keep a jacket handy?

  4. Uh no. I never asked anyone to agree with me.

    Nothing is wrong with conservatives or conservative ideas -- I believe everyone deserves to be heard, even anonymously.

    But as I said personal attacks and profanity are off-limits.