Wednesday, March 31, 2010

West River 2010 primary hats are in the ring!

Looks like we've got a couple of Dems signed up in West River and some really interesting primary races on the Republican side. We're bound to see a few more pop up on the Sec of State's candidate list in the next couple of days.

Click on the images below to zoom in and see what's there in the West River House and Senate races.

Don't know what District you're in? Check out this pdf map of the county. Your tax dollars at work!

A few races I'm looking forward to:

  • Anthony Vallela is a young Dem and seriously considering running the race for real (he first signed up as a placeholder but he's seeing how important it is having good candidates like him running!
  • Elizabeth Kraus (Munro???) v J.P. Duniphan in 33. How long do you think it will be before this one gets ugly? A traditional versus "new" "liberty" Republican race.
  • Bruce Rampelberg, well-known volunteer in the "save Ellsworth" effort, is running against a virtual unknown in a Republican primary. What's that about?
  • Sen. Stan Adelstein is running again, and so are our two appointed Representatives, who if the past is any guide, will have no problem being re-elected because of the solid "vote-R" majority in 32 which was very craftily gerrymandered (with the rest of West River) in 2002. Oh well.

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