Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kopp agrees to take down smug Gore acolyte Pat Zimmerman on SDPB today

Don't miss this.

South Dakota Public Radio
SDPB 11 MT / 12 CT

A recording is posted online at the website.

On deck:

Mr Donald Kopp — Republican State Rep (R-34, Rapid City), proud anti-gay-agenda activist and climate change denier.

Dr Pat Zimmerman — actual real climate scientist (formerly of NCAR) and head of the Institute of Atmospheric Science at the South Dakota School of Mines. And, if you believe Rep. Phil Jensen, unapologetic cave-dweller.

THANK YOU SDSMT administration for allowing him to go on! (I'm sure he needed approval given the political ugliness.)

Zimmerman at his computer plotting the liberal agenda online with Mr. Gore


  1. The computer is old model?

  2. Yeah, I know it's scary. Those liberal insurrectionists like old technology.

  3. (at least his head isn't stuck in 1965.)

  4. Anonymous11:13

    Dr. Zimmerman left the School of Mines several years ago. He heads his own company at the Business Development Center now...