Tuesday, March 2, 2010

SD Reps speak out on "global warming lies and deceit"

... with my response below

On Mon, Mar 1, 2010 at 1:17 PM, wrote:

Dear Curtis, thank you for your recent email re. HCR 1109. Anyone that would come out against the obvious need for 'balance' on this issue has been living in a cave. It seems that each day more emails are revealed that show the lies and deceit by those that worship at the altar of global warming. I look forward to the day that I can vote for an actual bill that would mandate equal teaching on this issue in our public schools.

Sincerely, Rep. Jensen

I answered:

Rep Jensen,

You are welcome to your opinions about science, it's a free country, but that's really beside the point.

The main problem I have with this bill is that it casts South Dakota in a bad light to serious scientists, to the point of perhaps persuading DOE and NSF to think twice about making major investments in a state that seems to be interested in DUSEL mostly for a federal handout, since South Dakota's elected officials often demonstrate such little respect or understanding of scientific endeavor.

Curtis Price
108 E Centennial
Rapid City

I also heard from the bill's sponsor, Rep. Don Kopp, who revealed his Zoroastrian view of the world (Rep Kopp, if you're reading this, time to google "Zoroastrianism" -- or maybe use your Webster's Abridged if you don't have a handle on the google yet.

On Mon, Mar 1, 2010 at 11:55 AM, wrote:

This isn't a garbage bill. It is absolutely fair and promotes good science. If there are two sides to a scientific issue but only one taught, that's not scientific education, that's indoctrination.

rep don kopp

My response:

So, you stand by "astrological" causes for climate change?

Rep Kopp, with all due respect, you are welcome to your opinion about climate science, but

a) I called it a "garbage" bill because I have a problem with the Legislature so cavalierly speaking about science or education issues. Do you have research proving a bias in South Dakota classrooms in the first place? Did you entertain any input from scientists and science educators in the state? If you had done the basic work even a HCR deserves, I seriously doubt the word "astrological" would not have been in the text of the bill as passed.

b) the bill has cast our State in a bad light -- and could hurt our chances for DUSEL to be chosen as a national science laboratory. If DOE abandons DUSEL, killing the project, _you_ will be one of the people that defeated it.


  1. Wow! What a bunch of yahoos we have in the Legislature. To hear a legislator tell a constituent that he is "living in a cave" is... remarkable.

  2. Rick Hauffe09:28

    It's extremely disappointing that in defense of this resolution that one of its supporters is branding as liars the climatologists and the accredited scientists who've produced many years of data on climate change. Two of those are the state climatologist Dennis Todey and Dr. W. Carter Johnson, both of S.D. State University. Dr. Carter's report was the February cover story of BioScience Journal, the prestigious research publication that is read around the world.

    It's easy to be very cynical about HCR 1009 and about the Representative's written statement here. Hopefully South Dakotans will see through the desperation that is so apparent and make up their own minds based on sensible public dialogue and peer-reviewed, credible research.

  3. Anonymous16:20

    I'm amazed that Turbeville co-sponsored this stupid crap. Evidently he has no interest in bringing DUSEL to fruition.

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