Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Legislators table HB 1144, 8-4

It ain't right.

-- EqSD PAC board member Gary Snow,
quoting his father's response when asked why
he helped others faced with injustice.

The vote went down today in the House Health and Human Services Committee, after straightforward and honest testimony from the "for" side, and frankly, dishonest and distracting testimony from the likes of the South Dakota Family Policy Council, Concerned Women of America, and one our favorites -- political money-launderer Rep. Roger Hunt.

On the plus side, their testimony showed how shrill and desperate those that fight LGBT equality are sounding. It's just a matter of time until we will wonder what all the fuss was about.

Don't believe me? Listen to the testimony yourself... (here's a link that works better for Macs - skip to about 1:53)

The hearing basically juxtaposed:

Hypothetical dreamed-up nightmare scenarios of scary psycho poop-obsessed transvestites lurking in restrooms (these were so icky, and so far-fetched you wonder about the minds that came up with them, I mean really).


Reasoned, reality-based presentation of facts from a Republican legislator, a psychologist, a legal professional, and a Methodist minister.

Details on the vote:


Moved by: Nygaard
Second by: Blake
Action: Was not acted on.


Moved by: Boomgarden
Second by: Jensen (no surprise there)
Action: Prevailed by roll call vote. (8-4-1-0)

Voting Yes: Boomgarden, Conzet, Curd, Jensen, Moser, Romkema, Rave, Pitts

Voting No: Blake, Lucas, Nygaard, Vanderlinde

Excused: Iron Cloud III

I'm off to Pierre tomorrow to hear about the future of this and other initiatives for Equality in South Dakota.

I am so looking forward to thanking these wonderful, courageous legislators who voted to keep the bill alive at EqSD's legislative reception.

Please thank them, too, (you can use the links on their names below), and PLEASE help them get re-elected:

Suzy Blake
Larry Lucas
Eldon Nygaard
Martha Vanderlinde

These legislators, on the other hand, really should be ashamed of themselves for having such a low opinion of their constituents that they caved to the SDFPC's talking points...


Sadly, although the bill had quite a few Republican sponsors, this was a straight party-line vote in the House Health and Human Services committee. It's a shame, because this is not a partisan issue.

Which reminds me ... EqSD PAC is still looking for Republicans that are committed to supporting liberty (not just talking about it)!

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  1. Tyrone Beasley07:48

    Here's what's really, really sad about those of us who say, 'well, this isn't supposed to be a partisan issue, so why are the Republicans voting party-line against it?'

    The Republicans in South Dakota are very good at demonizing people (always a minority of some sort) and making them the crux of all evil, biblically and otherwise. They hang together, spend tons of money ripping up (fill in the blank) and winning elections preying upon the fear and ignorance of persuadable voters. It's why we have a legislature filled with two kinds of Republicans:

    1. Goons.

    2. People who kowtow to goons because they might be branded sensible or moderate or something really awful.

    How do you fix that? Old saying: You can't fix stupid.

    Please excuse my cynical tone as I've been around statehouse politics intimately nearly 25 years. There is hope. It starts with the heroes who testified in Pierre to support fundamental human rights against criminally-inclined sorts like Roger Hunt, the top goon.

    If you want to win this, don't bring a knife to a gun fight. And don't quit after losing. And don't waste too much time talking in Pierre with goons and those who fear goons.