Monday, February 15, 2010

HB 1144 on deck in the morning

House Bill 1144, which has to do with the protection of South Dakotans from discrimination, gets its first vote tomorrow morning in the SD House Health and Human Services Committee. There will be testimony from Equality South Dakota about why this bill is important to everyone.

You can listen online starting at 7:45 am CT (6:45 MT)

Here's a direct link:

Committee Agenda

Committee: House Health and Human Services
Room: 412
Date: Tuesday, February 16, 2010
Time: 7:45 AM

HB 1223 provide procedures by which adopted persons may obtain their original birth certificates and the contact preference of birth parents.

HB 1253 refer to a vote of the people a bill to authorize smoking in certain establishments under certain conditions.

HB 1275 extend the age limit for cochlear implants.

HB 1144 revise the Human Relations Act to include additional categories of persons.
Representatives Peters, Blake, Cutler, Dennert, Engels, Fargen, Gibson, Hunhoff (Bernie), Krebs, McLaughlin, Romkema, Solberg, Thompson, Turbiville, Vanderlinde, and Wismer and Senators Turbak Berry, Abdallah, Adelstein, Bradford, Jerstad, Maher, Merchant, Nelson, Nesselhuf, and Tieszen


HB 1230 permit certain persons to assist women during pregnancy and childbirth under certain conditions.


  1. E-mailed Chair Pitts, Vice-Chair Rave, Curd, others... let's get this passed!

  2. Thanks Cory -

    The testimony will be very interesting, if recent history is any guide the SDFPC will trot out their talking points as if they hadn't been fact-checked and found wanting zillions of times. If so they will have some explaining to do as the legislators will have much of the truth behind their talking points in-hand.