Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Global Liars strike again

A letter to the RCJ from the excellent Perry Rahn, geology / geologic engineering professor at SDSMT.


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31,000 dispute global warming? Not really

Posted: Friday, December 4, 2009 3:50 pm

On July 4, Don Kopp wrote an opinion letter about 31,000 scientists who submitted a petition to President Obama asking him not to sign legislation about "unproven science" involving global warming and legislation such as cap and trade that would limit U.S. energy production. Then in the Nov. 19 letters to the editor Don Kopp again talked about these 31,000 scientists.

I wondered who they were and so I went to the Web site http://www.petitionproject.org/index.php. Sure enough, it said 31,486 American scientists had signed this form saying there is no evidence that human release of carbon dioxide is causing catastrophic disruption of the Earth's climate.

It starts off with Edward Teller's signature. This Web site gives a state-by-state breakdown and, lo and behold, there are 90 signers of the petition who are from South Dakota. I went down the list and my name was listed. But I never signed this form. The list includes Dale Rognlie, who died eight years ago. I tried to contact other people here at South Dakota School of Mines and found all but one had no recollection of ever signing this.

Shakespeare wrote: "Something is rotten in Denmark".


Here's that South Dakota list. If you our someone you know is similarly scammed, let me know!

Jerrold Abernathy,
Dale E. Arrington, PhD
B. Askildsen
Michael J. Barr
Larry G. Bauer, PhD
Jan Berkhout, PhD
Jerrold L. Brown
Lewis F. Brown, PhD
Kelly W. Bruns
Bruce W. Card
Harold E. Carda
Robert L. Corey, PhD
Cyrus William Cox
John T. Deniger
Norm Dewit
Raymond Donald Dillon, PhD
Clifford Dean Dybing, PhD
Jose Flores, PhD
A. Martin Gerdes, PhD
Joseph W. Gillen
Charles F. Gritzner, PhD
Thomas F. Guetzloff, PhD
Robert E. Hayes
Clark E. Hendrickson
Steve Hietpas, PhD
Samuel D. Hohn
Stanley M. Howard, PhD
Dean A. Hyde
Dennis V. Johnson
L. R. Johnson
Benjamin H. Kantack, PhD
Jon J. Kellar, PhD
Martin J. Kiousis
Clyde A. Kirkbride, DVM
Kenneth F. Klenk, PhD
Paul L. Koepsell, PhD
Robert Kohl, PhD
Dave F. Konechne
Jerrod N. Krancler
Robert J. Lacher, PhD
Richard John Landberg, PhD
Wayne K. Larsen
Jaime Aquiles Lescarboura, PhD
David R. Lingenfelter
Willard John Martin, PhD
Stewart L. Moore
Darrell M. Nielsen
Gary Novak
Ronald R. O'Connell
Thomas K. Oliver, PhD
Gary Wilson Omodt, PhD
Paul M. Orecchia, MD
Recayi Pecen, PhD
Andrey Petukhov, PhD
Terje Preber, PhD
John Prodan
Linda E. Rabe, DVM
Perry H. Rahn, PhD
Dale Leslie Reeves, PhD
Charles P. Remund, PhD
D. Roark, PhD
Paul D. Roberts
Thomas M. Robertson
Dale M. Rognlie, PhD
Mark A. Rolfes
Michael Harris Roller, PhD
Rolland R. Rue, PhD
Frank W. Rust
Randall J. Sartorius
Anthony V. Schwan
Jayna L. Shewak
Sung Y. Shin, PhD
Arthur Lowell Slyter, PhD
Thane Smith, PhD
Leo H. Spinar, PhD
David A. Stadheim
Larry D. Stetler, PhD Geologist at SDSMT
Glen A. Stone, PhD
Bob Suga, MD
Don Talsma, PhD
Chad Timmer
Merlin J. Tipton
E. Brent Turnipseed, PhD
James H. Unruh
Theodore Van Bruggen, PhD
L L Vigoren
Larry L. Wehrkamp
Carl A. Westby, PhD
Dana Windhorst, MD
Thomas J. Wing


  1. I havent' had a chance to do a writeup on this yet, but I thought something definitely smelled about Rahn's letter.

    So I called the Petition Project folks yesterday and talked to one of the scientists who put it together. I'll provide more details later in another venue, but long story short, he said they keep the petition signatures on file, and though they've had a handful of people over the 11 years the petition has been going who have requested their name be removed (peer pressure, flack from a boss, whatever), and when the requester sends in the required written request for removal, the signatures have always matched.

    Yep, definitely something rotten with Mr. Rahn's letter.

  2. So I called the Petition Project folks yesterday and talked to one of the scientists (sic) who put it together.

    Which one? Or would he give his name, lest he be "persecuted" for being a, well, BAD scientist?

  3. Nick Nemec21:35

    I'm not an academic but Jan Berkhout's name jumped out at me. He was the GOP candidate for Congress in 1994. He's an instructor at USD. Teaches "Intro to Psychology" and three graduate level classes. Appears to be the head of the department of "Human Factors".

    In 1994 he struck me as having bought into all of the GOP party line. No matter how wacked.

  4. Anonymous13:40

    Ooooo ... the signatures always match! Bob, you really think the guys caught making up petition names are just gonna come out and tell you they're phonies? You got a lot of nerve calling someone like Perry Rahn a liar in public like that.

  5. Rahn apparently had no qualms about questioning the character of Rep. Kopp or Dr. Robinson and his associates.

    Someone needed to refute this feeble attempt to cast aspersions on them while trying to prop up Al Gore's false claims of "consensus" and "settled science."

    You might take note of how Rahn's insistence that he had not signed the petition softened at the end of today's RCJ article after some facts about the petition were pointed out.

  6. Why bring up Al Gore? It's the entire international science community that is calling it "settled science."

    Kopp and Robinson simply do not have scientific credibility on this subject. That's not casting aspersions, it's just stating the truth.

  7. denature00:25

    A quick scan of the 44 PhDs listed.

    4 deceased.
    13 retired.
    2 live out of state.
    9 couldn't determine connection to SD institution

    As for the disciplines:

    Geology/Geological engineering-2
    Chemistry/chemical engineering/biochemistry-5
    Computer science/software engineering-1
    Plant science/entomology-5
    Med school-1
    Pharmaceutical science-1
    Animal and Range science-1

  8. Atmospheric Science- 0
    Climatology- 0
    Geophysics- 0

  9. Anonymous21:12

    At least 2 on the list from SDSU are deceased, and have been for nearly a decade. One of the two had progressive dementia by 2001, shortly before his death. I guess it's possible they both signed, but signing such a petition a decade ago seems a bit farsighted to notify Obama of problems