Saturday, December 5, 2009

False Equivalence reigns in South Dakota

South Dakota War College is trolling for links (here ya go, PP)
discounting criticism of Round's SD-32 appointment with recent US Attorney nomination news from South Dakota (Sen Johnson-D/son Brendan Johnson) and Montana (Sen Max Baucus-D/mistress Melodee Hanes).

As usual, the conservative wags, PP included, draw broadly false equivalences...

There are HUGE differences:

  • In all honesty, the US Atty job is a much bigger deal so comparing the two is kind of silly. US Atty's have a much higher bar to meet, there are very steep qualifications and Brendan more than met them.
  • Johnson supported the nomination of his son by the White House; confirmation by Senate Committee and the full Senate was required. In contrast, Conzet has been directly appointed. No confirmation was required, the Governor has that power. (She also will stands for election in less than a year.)
  • Sen. Baucus didn't discourage the nomination of his girlfriend because she wasn't highly qualified; she was removed because he couldn't take the political heat-- weakened as he was by his (well-deserved) reputation as a client to the health insurance industry. I honestly don't care that they had a relationship-- and it's hypocritical and ironic that Montana voters (and the other red-staters) are so quick to pass judgment on our politician's personal lives. (Especially since red staters have higher divorce rates.)
  • Brendan Johnson's nomination and confirmation had solid bipartisan support; heck, Fmr. Rep. Janklow supported the nomination! (In contrast, as far as I can tell, Conzet was an appointment out of the blue by Rounds.... somehow I doubt, given the Gov's track record, that even other Republicans (especially those in District 32) were consulted.

Can we talk about reality instead of ginned-up perception for a change? I'm soooo sick of all the false equivalences. It's a distraction from the real issues and a waste of time.

It's really past time to knock it off. South Dakota has more important things to deal with!

How about real concerns:
  • Is the Conzet appointment yet another example of Pierre and East River treating us like a western colony? I bet Pennington County Repubs are not to pleased about this appointment but had no say. (Let me be clear: my issue is not with Conzet, rather, it's with the way things go down in this state with respect to West River.)
  • Why do Republicans support property-value neutral property tax (another name: "income tax") on ranchers because of their fairness, when ordinary South Dakotans are taxed thrice (property, sales, excise) fees?
  • Is this yet another sign of how bad the 30-year monopoly in the Governor House and Senate is bad for our State? Are long-time Republican activists in District 32 being denied a voice in Pierre with the appointment of someone so close to Pierre? (Yet another sign: the Governor-pilot's ten airplanes (OK, now eight, with a close election coming up and all.)

Bottom line:

My hope is that Conzet is a good enough Rep that she will be asked back instead of primaried by an ignorant, arrogant Teabag type in the mold of Gordon Howie. Honestly; she seems like a fair person along the lines of Dreyer (albeit with better connections). I congratulate and wish her well in the new session. It certainly won't be easy being a legislator and mom of the 7 year old at the same time and I appreciate her willingness to serve in what can be a thankless job!

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  1. Anonymous14:43

    Powers also would make a direct comparison a couple years ago about his GOP pal Rep. Ted Klaudt with Democrat Sen. Dan Sutton in attempts to minimize Klaudt's rape charges. Sutton did not commit rape and no criminal charges were filed after lengthy investigations by the Attorney General. Klaudt, who did his best to force his "family values" agenda through the legislature, was the guy who raped and molested teens in his foster care claiming he was "gathering eggs."

    You can tell when Powers is desperate. He either lashes out in anger or he uses these phony analogies to distract attention from the corruption of the people he admires.