Thursday, December 3, 2009

Elizabeth Kaeton has a word to say

This is really worth reading, especially in the light of recent events in Maine, New York, and a world away (though very close, as The Family has ties to South Dakota, too)....

Telling Secrets: A little 'family chat'
Yesterday, someone over on HOB/D (House of Bishops/Deputies Listserv) wrote something absolutely hateful about homosexuality being a 'disorder'.

He later tried to back paddle by saying that he believed 'all of creation was disordered' after The Fall.

Yeah, that's a really helpful dodge. Take a swing even farther to the Right until you move right out of the traditional Spirit of Anglicanism and run smack-dab into Calvinism.

A few polite-white liberals then tried to rationalize reasons for this behavior.

You know me. I had to speak up. A few folk wrote to tell me they thought what I wrote was important enough to have a wider audience.

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