Saturday, April 18, 2009 -- get involved!

An invitation from my friend Eric Abrahamson... so true that good information is hard to come by these days!

I'm looking forward more from this group, which has been making real to put forward more school board candidates and bring more accountability to our District administration, our Board, and most of all, our Legislature on issues of the quality of education of our kids in Rapid City.

With the demise of the Rapid City Weekly, increasing work loads at the Rapid City Journal, and the lack of a public information officer at the Rapid City school district, it’s difficult for the public to get good information about what’s going on in our schools. A group of us have come together to host a community conversation about education in Rapid City. We would like to invite you to join in. Please visit and subscribe to Feel free to offer your comments and/or let us know if you would like to post a piece on the site. We welcome all points of view, but urge you not to level personal attacks against anyone. Let us know what information you’re looking for. We’ll try to get it. If we want good schools in our community, we all need to pitch in.

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