Saturday, February 21, 2009

Way to show leadership, Rep Jensen...

At the West River crackerbarrel today, newly minted statesman Rep. Phil Jensen showed us the sophisticated attitude that we've come to expect from him:
Jensen said what happened was not a “slick, middle-of-the-night deal,” but he said he’ll drop his support if that’s what his constituents want.

“If you don’t want that facility right there at that location, so be it,” he said.

Who cares about the facts and the need for the facility -- the loudest "not in my backyard" voices will win this fight with him, irregardless of the benefits of successful rehabilitation of local non-violent criminals, their families and society at large.

Guess what, Rep Jensen, you are a REPRESENTATIVE. If we wanted this decision made directly by all of us, we'd just have a referendum. As a Rep, you are authorized (and paid) to do some research and vote for the common good, not just parrot your vote from what the shrillest voices demand.

Craig Tiezen (yes, a Republican) seems more interested in doing the right thing instead of just what people are yelling loudest.

Craig Tieszen, R-Rapid City, said legislators need to evaluate the seriousness of that potential impact. The temporary minimum-security unit on Creek Drive and the county facility north of the Civic Center haven’t created problems, he said.

“Those facilities have not and do not seriously impact surrounding areas,” Tieszen said.

Tieszen said he’s cautiously supportive of the plan.

Wow. A real, grown-up as a Republican legislator...I wish we had more of them around here.


  1. You say Jensen should "represent." He is. He's represeting my point of view about the site of this facility. But I guess my opinion doesn't count.

    And if we need any further affirmation that Tiezsen is one of the biggest liberals in the Legislature, it's your praise of him. He should be honest and run as a liberal Democrat.

    P.S. I guess you would feel the same if they wanted to put this facility in the park at Robbinsdale. Or maybe you don't care about your property values.

  2. Or maybe you don't care about your property values.

    Data please. Tieszen made the good point that the existing facilities, although they are temporary and less secure than a permanent setup would be, have caused no problems or dropping property values. Certainly I don't see how this use would lower residential property values more than industrial development, which is what it's zoned for now.

    Maybe you should take it up with the City instead for zoing the area commercial/industrial??

    I expect legislators to look at all angles and make the best decision, regardless of who complains the loudest.

    You can't argue we don't desperately need such a facility to help those convicted and their families put their lives together and become productive citizens again. If you think they should just rot, well, we don't have much to talk about and I sure hope the Legislature doesn't share that view.

  3. Dooby Scoo23:38

    An ex-police chief of Rapid City a liberal Democrat? Before he ever became chief he was aired out by the most conservative group of people...c'mon "MustBeKidding" you're a complete fool...

  4. Hey Dooby Scoo, you are the fool. Interviews in the media (RC Weekly News among others) during the campaign showed him to be a liberal. His answers to questions were liberal answers. At least he was honest about where he stands. But he was not honest about running as a Republican.

    Next time he runs I think I'll do a the kind of postcard campaign that targeted Sam Kooiker: "There's something you should know about Craig Tieszen. He gets praise from and panders to radical leftists."

    And cp, you are right. We don't have much to talk about. Certainly there are other sites for this facility, if the people there want to be closer to West River.

  5. Radical leftists. Would that be me?

    I think not.

    The real radical leftists are on Wall Street.

  6. Dooby Scoo04:31

    MustBeKidding: yes, I can understand that for some people, like yourself, Joseph Goebbels was a liberal.