Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Equality South Dakota PAC Endorses Candidates

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Released May 19, 2008
FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Todd Epp at 605.351.5021 or eqsdpac@gmail.com
EqSD PAC Endorses South Dakota Primary Candidates
SD LGBT Community and Its Friends Becoming More Politically Active

For the first time in South Dakota electoral history, a state LGBT group has given political action money to state legislative candidates.

Equality South Dakota PAC (EqSD PAC) has recently provided over $5,000 in funding to both Republican and Democratic candidates involved in the June 3, 2008 South Dakota primary. Full details of all candidates provided funding can be found after May 23, 2008 on the South Dakota Secretary of State's website in the EqSD PAC's pre-primary contribution report.
This is huge. With a PAC in action and Equality South Dakota speaking to the issues, no one in the legislature can claim there no one cares when the SDFPC comes to take children away from gay adoptive parents, withhold GLBT-led families from legal protection, or allow discrimination in housing or employment simply because they have a problem with who they love. As hard as they work to confuse people with efforts like The Lie Project, the truth WILL win out.

Rock and roll. Love God, love your neighbor.

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  1. I realize it isn't the main topic here, but since you brought it up, I'm curious as to specifically what parts of the Truth Project you consider to be lies? And on what basis you might make such an assertion?

  2. The core point of The Lie Project seems to be: All These Godless Scientists and Psychologists Are Lying To You About Everything So You Should Listen To Us Biblically-Based Christians Like Dr. Del Tackett (he looks a little like Jed Clampett dressed up, hmm) Because Are Smarter And Have A Corner On The Truth.

    This is a huge lie because (1) the very value of the Bible is that its beauty and truth transcends anything we learn in science, and (2) the very value of science is that it is based on doubt and objectivity and tells us things Scripture simply cannot.

    Pushing a Big Lie of "alternative" faith and science custom-crafted for Christians cheapens both. It also has the side effect of damaging our relationships with Christians, other humans, and creation.

    The Bible clearly teaches that π equals 3.000 (1 Kings 7:23). I praise God He gave us other ways to learn about the world (and other folks to learn it from than Focus On The Family).