Saturday, May 19, 2007

Klaudt is innocent...

Before you get too wound up about lynching former Republican Rep. Ted Klaudt, I urge everyone to remember that in this country we hold people innocent until proven guilty. That's one of the things that is best in America, and we are recently putting it in danger. Especially in such a small state such as ours, the rush to judgment by public consensus could damage the ability to hold a fair trial in this case. Court TV has really led our culture away from the rule of law in this area. We must honor the process instead of giving in to the feel-good, easy Nancy Grace attacks on "the bad guys" while the jury is out (or even summoned).

Save your outrage at him until we know the real truth. What's really outrageous is there are far too many victims of crimes like this, and although if true these allegations involve economically vulnerable kids, this kind of tragedy isn't restricted to a socioeconomic level (or political party). (Of course I don't believe Republican priorities in this state are helping the situation, but that's not a reason to convict someone ahead of the legal process.)

In response to this kind of thing, we should now resist the urge to snark and instead do all we can to support teenage and other rape victims in our midst. Drop off some stuff at WAVI in Rapid City. Send some money for Pretty Bird Woman House. Support folks for mayor, Council, and school board this June that have a clue about these issues. And pray for all victims of abuse.


  1. I take it you haven't read any of the affidavits.

    Affidavit 1.

  2. As much as I despise anyone who abuses kids. He is innocent until proven guilty. Let the legal system take its course. There is enough of a lynch mob mentality in this state already.

  3. Kelo reported that he admitted to much of what was in the affidavit, including sending emails from the fake addresses. He hasn't entered a plea yet...that should be interesting.

    I hope he's innocent...not at all for his sake, but for the 'alleged' victims, on the chance that they didn't actually experience that.