Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tom Daschle is back

MSNBC.com has a story tonight on Daschle's political efforts for Barack Obama.

What I really would love to see is:


They are absolutely vindicated and are looking good right now -- they were right on Iraq, right about the ultimate tragic direction of the Bush Administration.

And they were both defeated by lies and smears from the right and are ready to talk about it.

Another thought: are you ready for a Daschle-Thune Senatorial delegation? Wouldn't that be sweet.

1 comment:

  1. LOVE the idea of a Gore/Daschle ticket. That would be sweet. I know Tom is on the Obama campaign ... but if we can't have Gore, I am leaning some towards Edwards. I do think Bush and Co. have botched up things so badly -- their divine purpose is to allow Dems back into office to try and repair. The world would have been much better off had the person who had been elected 6 years ago take office -- Gore.

    BTW, have you viewed the Backwards Bush clock yet?

    LOVE the idea of Tom back and facing off with Mr. "McCain's my man" Thune.