Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bob Ellis misleads on climate change, too

This is how Bob does it, he finds a headline he likes:
BBC: A new analysis shows that the Sun is more active now than it has been at anytime in the previous 1,000 years
and uses it to make a snarky comment that solar radiation changes dominate anything we could do by burning fossil fuels and human-induced climate change is a hoax, so let's all go saddle up our Hummers as God intended. Right out of the Hannity / Coulter / Limbaugh playbook. But not as funny.

If you bother to read the one-page article, the report on this science emphasizes throughout that this is a misinterpretation of the facts.
This trend is being amplified by gases from fossil fuel burning
Note my emphasis below:
The data suggests that changing solar activity is influencing in some way the global climate causing the world to get warmer.
Over the past 20 years, however, the number of sunspots has remained roughly constant, yet the average temperature of the Earth has continued to increase.

This is put down to a human-produced greenhouse effect caused by the combustion of fossil fuels.
and the concluding paragraph:
This latest analysis shows that the Sun has had a considerable indirect influence on the global climate in the past, causing the Earth to warm or chill, and that mankind is amplifying the Sun's latest attempt to warm the Earth.

The article makes it very clear although there are solar effects that are part of the pictures, THERE IS NO REAL SCIENTIFIC DEBATE on the thesis that humans are changing the global climate. Just manufactured debate by those that do not wish to act.

Bob, here's a little blogger advice. if you want to give your ideas and opinions credibility, you must find some references that like, support what you're saying. Otherwise one comes to the conclusion that 1) you aren't very bright (unlikely) or 2) you are deliberately trying to mislead to convince people to support your conservative political viewpoint.

I'm the first to recognize that all conservative ideas aren't bad, just because they are conservative, so give the verifiable truth a little more respect will ya? Please?

This gadfly stuff is getting old, girlfriend.


  1. You completely missed the point I was making.

    "But I'm sure the activity of this star in the middle of our solar system, which is 864,938 miles in diameter, about 333,000 times more massive than the earth, and burns at about 11,000 degrees F has nothing to do with global warming."

    The idea that our little SUVs and such could be doing anything to add to what the sun is doing to heat or cool the planet is ludicrous. The whole global warming farce is so scientifically unsupported and full of holes, it's hard to grasp the scope of the hoax in a simple blog post. But when you couple it with things like global warming on Mars (, it really starts to come into focus.

    Here's a composite of how silly the whole global warming myth is:

    Look at the evidence (or lack thereof) instead of regurgitating Al Gore's fantasies.

  2. Yeah, fantasies of Al Gore.

    And EVERY major earth science professional organization except one: AAPG (who depends on oil industry contributions to exist).

  3. Anonymous12:16

    Sorry cp, scientists are jumping off the band wagon every day because there is no real evidence that humans contribute to cyclical warming...I mean global warming. Did you know the there was global warming before the industrial revolution? Did you know the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is about 0.038% of the atmosphere (possibly from about 0.028% pre-Industrial Revolution)?

  4. I wish I knew who these scientists are. Throw me a line here; I haven't seen any credible scientific organizations worldwide (outside of AAPG, which has a serious conflict of interest here) go against the warming consensus.

    Wow. .028 percent to .038 percent is almost DOUBLE. That's a LOT of CO2. But you don't need to talk numbers... just look how dry the hills are and how early your tulips are blooming. It's happening, and no matter how much you say otherwise that will not change the truth.

    The US Department of Defense believes in the threat of warming, what is your problem???