Sunday, April 1, 2007

Republicans For a Strongman Presidency

This does have local relevance, mainly because the local South Dakota political establishment (sadly of both parties) likes to talk about avoiding the "extremes of both sides." I keep hearing this phrase and want to know where the "extreme left" is in South Dakota. I sure as heck haven't met it, and I'm a wannabee lefty operative. Glenn Greenwald said in a great piece in
The next time journalists want to write about political extremism by focusing on things like "the Far Left" or bad words on the "Far Left blogs" -- without ever citing a single belief that is actually "extremist" -- why not instead focus on the fact that Mitt Romeny is open to, and Rudy Giuliani explicitly favors, vesting themselves with the very powers that this country was founded in order to banish? One of our two major political parties believes that the U.S. President should have powers that not even the pre-Revolution British King possessed. Maybe that is worth some commentary and examination.

Thanks to Clean Cut Kid for pointing out this one out.


  1. Anonymous14:56

    Do you want to know who belongs to the "extreme left?" Watch this clip from Evan Sayet as he describes how liberals think. If you fit the description, you might be an extreme left liberal.

  2. I did watch the first 10 minutes of that hate-filled distortion of liberalism by a so-called conservative "humorist." That's about all I could stomach.

    I want to answer this loudmouth though. To face the context behind 9-11 as we work to defend ourselves -- is not to hate America. It's what we must do to love a protect this country.

    Back to my point. Please look around South Dakota and show me ONE serious Democratic politico that is a "far-left extremist." They simply don't exist here. What we have are far-right extremists that are so out of the mainstream they make national news with their outrageous statements and actions. Thank goodness they do not have such a death grip on the Republican party anymore--which is why this legislature has been actually making some progress on things.