Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Mike Coats letter

In case you missed this letter from the March 23 RCJ..:
Young gay, lesbian people need hope, love

We applaud recent efforts and discussions at reducing the high rate of teen suicide. It’s a huge problem needing to be addressed seriously with open minds.

However, young gay and lesbian people are sitting in churches hearing preachers tell them they’re evil; or hearing parents spew hatred toward gay people. Do these parents and preachers not understand those comments may be driving someone they love to the edge? Don’t they care? Better dead than gay?

Falsely insisting sexual orientation is chosen dramatically increases risk factors for teen suicide. Bearing false witness kills!

Religious bullying makes organizations, schools and agencies afraid to address the issue and our children are dying!

Young GLBT people need to know there’s hope and people who love and care about them for who they are; churches steeped in the gospel of love that’ll welcome them; agencies that won’t condemn or ignore them, their needs or circumstances; parents who love unconditionally and accept their GLBT children; and a community that’ll accept them for the beautiful people they are.

The Center West can refer them to those resources and a community that loves them. Call 605-348-3244. E-mail info@thecenterwest.org. Unconditional love, acceptance and courage prevent suicide. Love is God!


Director, The Center West

Rapid City

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  1. Great letter, as per usual from Mike.