Monday, January 15, 2007

Sen Bill wants his massages unregulated?

The Radical was browsing the Legislature's docket and found something that has him scratching his head....

Our own Sen. Bill Napoli, and others, are sponsoring a bill to repeal all regulation of massage therapy in the state of SD, just after it got started. One would think conservatives would think more regulation of massage would be a good thing; guarding against someone, well, pushing the limits of appropriate business behaviour and all. (Regulation of the massage therapists was enacted into law (SDCL 36-35) by the Legislature in 2005 and a brand new board is up and running and apparently doing good work.)

What's up with this one??

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  1. Anonymous16:51

    There's a whole lot of history here. Some ambitious do-gooders got a state regulation bill passed (last year, right?). They got their rules written, and only then did their actions come to the attention of the vocal members of that profession. The issue isn't really that they want to be completely free of regulation, but that cities like Sioux Falls (what about Rapid?) already regulate them, so they're having to answer to 2 boards, pay 2 fees, etc... I really thought it was Sioux Falls people who were having a fit, so find it interesting that they got Napoli to carry their water.