Thursday, January 18, 2007

Fun CHAD this week, and a neat story

Coat Hangers At Dawn has been doing some lovely explication this week of the "alternative" (or, what I would call "unsupported") tin-foil-hat opinion piece at on Dakota Voice about the supposed harm that would be caused by Comrade Rounds' excellent preschool proposal. The Dakota Voice piece was a typical hatchet job and Dawnne clearly had fun blasting the (slow, large) fish in Cindy Flakoll's CWA-endorsed barrel. I recommend checking it out.

In the middle of enjoying the rant-debunk-rant aspect of it all (watching the piece itself, and Ellis's typical righteous indignation and faux-revolutionary ardor skewered by the facts), I was diverted by a link CHAD posted to a new Pew Trust study about where people got political news in 2006. The web is a big and growing slice.

There was a partisan angle to the study; they found Dems and Repubs equally looked to the web for information... but Dems were found more likely to get information from newspapers ... Hm. The RC Journal comes in colorful Thune and anti-choice bags, they joined in the unfair character attack on a fine man and a great moderate Senator ... and in another bold move to gain market share among people that apparently don't read the paper, they replace Sam Hurst with Bob Ellis? Are the publishers of the RCJ high?

I am encouraged to see progressive blogs continue to thrive, right here in South Dakota, by... well, just doing what we do best to spank and cheer and share the facts as we see them--and even back them up on occasion.

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