Thursday, December 7, 2006

Support SDPB!

The SD blogosphere is running a fundraiser of sorts as part of the ongoing SDPB fundraising drive.

There are a couple of ways you can donate to support public broadcasting in South Dakota, which relies on private contributions as a major part of their operating revenue. And without significant private participation by way of donations, they can't get grants from foundations or even the blessing of the legislature.

Remember SD Public Broadcasting has the most complete coverage of the State Legislature, they get information out to us that we would get otherwise--the proof there is that they tried to kill a huge chunk of funding at the end of the last session! The ENTIRE session is posted on the SDPB website for everyone to hear. Talk about open government.

Donations in any amount do a lot to support our public broadcasting and help them get support from others.

You can donate by web or by calling 800-777-0789. Please mention you were asked to contribute by South Dakota weblogs!

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