Thursday, December 14, 2006

Dobson attacks Mary Cheney, and lies about science

So what else is new. James Dobson has done it again, misusing and misrepresenting cherry-picked research to push his agenda of homophobia and manufactured reality in a recent op-ed in Time Magazine. I can't believe Time gave him such a forum for what is basically hate speech.

Wayne Besen (Truth Wins Out) said:
No reputable media outlet should continue using Focus on the Family as a resource because they are chronically dishonest and lack credibility. James Dobson should start to wonder if there is something inherently wrong with his stance on gay issues if the only way he can support his positions is outright lying.
I couldn't agree more.

Elsewhere,the Legislature of the State of New Jersey legalized gay civil unions, again demonstrating that as time marches on, Dobson and his group will continue to be yet more isolated and more irrelevant. Maybe there is hope.


  1. Anonymous06:14

    What lies did he tell about science?

  2. You should be kind to little Jimmy Dobson. After all, he's not a real doctor.

  3. What lies didn't Dobson tell? Follow the link to hear from the scientists whose research Dobson clearly abused.

    The word from science is that homosexuality is not a shortcoming or sin, it's a natural variation of human sexual expression. Dobson disputes this, and distorts and lies about scientific results to promote his anti-gay agenda.