Thursday, November 2, 2006

Roger Hunt Launders money to Yes4Life

From SD Watch:
Vote Yes For Life Uses Shell Company to Launder $750,000

(details at KELO-TV)
Six weeks ago, State Representative Roger Hunt, author of South Dakota's controversial ban, registered a fake company called Promising Future, Inc in Brandon, South Dakota. The "company" has no telephone number, no office, no business presence in the state, and appears to offer no products or services. Yet it's been a profitable business. In fact, in the six weeks since it was founded, it has produced enough "profit" to donate $750,000—three quarters of a million dollars—to Vote Yes for Life [Vote Yes for Life Ballot Committee Filing ($500,000 on the general election report, $250,000 on the 11/02/06 Supplement, South Dakota Secretary of State; Corporations Filing, South Dakota Secretary of State].
The nerve of these people is only exceeded by their arrogance. Another reason to vote No no Six-- Vote No for people that are using this issue to further their political agendas. It's not about life, it's really about power.


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