Thursday, November 2, 2006

Press Conference Tomorrow: Native Women say No On Six

This just came over the wire... one thing you can say, thse women are clearly lot less afraid to sign their names, and show their faces to the press. I don't see these brave women posting anonymously, hiding behind their political signs, or giving financial support to their side through a sham money-laundering front business... Bruce Whalen does not speak for these women.

For Planning Purposes Only
Native American Women Speak Out Against Referred Law 6

6 Restrictive abortion ban is not good for American Indian women

Just days before Election Day, Native American women will hold a press conference on Friday, November 3rd at Noon at the Civic Center Holiday Inn to speak out about the dangers of Referred Law 6, the abortion ban.

American Indian leaders will speak out against Referred Law 6 and let their communities know that the restrictive abortion ban is not right for Native American communities in South Dakota. Native American women have a long history of making their own decisions on their reproductive health, free from government interference. Their commitment to voting no on Referred Law 6 is an important step in defeating the abortion ban.

WHO: Cecilia Fire Thunder -- Elizabeth Cook Lynn -- Lisa Cook
WHAT: Press Conference
WHEN: Friday, November 3, 2006 12:00 PM (Noon)
WHERE: Civic Center Holiday Inn, 505 North Fifth Street, Rapid City

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