Saturday, November 4, 2006

Republicans: It's too hard!

Rapid City Journal Letters To The Editor, 11/4/2006

It's too hard?

Thursday at the Rapid City Civic Association candidate night at North Middle School, several Republican incumbents reminded us what hard work it is and how complicated the issues are when working as state legislators. We keep hearing from Republicans that issues are "more complicated than people think."

I appreciate their sacrifice and hard work in Pierre, especially since the Legislature itself is, in my opinion, extremely underpaid. However, it's a little insulting to be told how hard it is in Pierre. Most of us struggle every day with the difficult economic, educational and health-care issues they have not successfully addressed, while the Legislature continues to support an unfair, extremely regressive tax system and pass legislation that is clearly crafted for political success.

It's time for real leadership in the areas of jobs, health care and education. But Republicans say: "It's too hard!"

Capable, qualified people, Democrats, and others, too, are saying, "Yes, change for the better is hard - so let's get to work now."

Tom Katus is capable. Tom Katus' qualifications to serve the people of District 32, Rapid City, and South Dakota are commanding and impressive. It is complicated, but it's not too hard for Tom Katus.


Rapid City

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