Saturday, November 4, 2006

Republicans in denial

Kevin Woster wrote a great article in the Rapid City Journal today about the Katus-Schwiesow race.

I kind of focused in on the denial I heard from the Republicans when discussing this race and its larger symbolic significance. Battles like this are happening all over the country. And it's not only Republicans (but mostly them, since their recent abuses have been so outrageous) that have had to deal with the fact that Americans are finally challenging bad ideas within their own parties and bringing things back to sanity. It's a great time to be involved with politics, especially here in SD where everything is so on the surface.

Schwiesow rejects the notion of a serious split among South Dakota Republicans. And even though she admits that Katus is likely to do well with Adelstein supporters, she doesn?t see that as a death knell for her campaign.
We'll find out on Tuesday, won't we? It sure looks to me like the extreme Republicans have pretty much torched their ability to control the dialogue.
Schwiesow said she isn?t an extremist but represents what she considers to be core South Dakota values.
I sure hope not.
She also opposes embryonic stem-cell research but supports work with adult stem cells.
Like that's what we want our legislature arguing about next year.
... South Dakota Republican Party chairman Randy Frederick of Hayti rejected the notion that Adlestein?s move reflects a larger GOP split in the state. Nor does Frederick believe that the outcome of the District 32 race will make a larger statement on statewide issues.
The rift is real and it's spelling the end of the Republican majority as we know it nationwide. And I'm so glad it's over so we can actually have Republicans around that are interested in doing some work instead of merely doing battle.

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