Thursday, November 9, 2006

Polling place change blasted

... by three state legislators.. that just coincidentally happen to have been in favor of Referred Law Six, which set the tone and stage for this whole drama...

(Photo Steve McEnroe/Journal staff)

Why this news article doesn't dig very deep into the (as far as I can tell) open defiance of the pastor of Open Bible that caused this whole scene by refusing the Auditor's request to ensure a fair and neutral polling place, I sure don't know. I'd love to hear more about what was said that pushed the Auditor to call his bluff. His attitude must have come off as rather, as we are wont to say, extreme.

We faithful Christians are normally soooo persecuted in the press, frankly, I'm surprised Open Bible got an easy pass on this one....

In other news, Bill Masterson, the publisher of the RCJ has been, uh, promoted to the happenin' town of Munster, Indiana (pop 21,511). He must have really impressed the powers that be up at Lee Enterprises during this election season! He will no doubt make waves there by putting the tennis team on the front page of the paper, as, according to the Wikipedia, "the Munster High School boys and girls tennis teams are perennial powerhouses in Indiana." Good luck, Mr. Masterson, we hardly knew ya.


  1. Someone at Open Bible pushed the envelope too far.
    Now there is a cry for a major investigation into the State Auditors Office (coincidentally, she is a female) by the civic watchdog champions Apa, Napoli and Haverly (who decided to put his 2 cents).
    Sore loosers? Probably just stirring the pot and have no intention to stop as long as the PRESS continues highlight their disruptive, partisan behavior.
    Oh well, they succeeded in starting ANOTHER bi-partisan committee to reiew this mess.
    Taxpayer $$$ being squandered again by foolish elected officials.

  2. redhatter16:50

    It seems like Republicans are real good at wasting taxpayer dollars. Look at what was spent investigating President Clinton.