Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Favorite Republican quotes

Elli Schwiesow, on her trip over to the Democratic victory party to congratulate Senator-Elect Tom Katus:
They had a pretty good party going.
We sure did, because the victory was not only about the campaign this year, but the rebirth of a party that has too long been silenced in West River.

Alan Hanks, talking about the early results favoring Hemmingsen and Nolan:
One of those is the West Boulevard area, and that's where all those Democracy in Action gals live
(Those "gals" are from all over the Black Hills, and Hanks, and the rest of us, haven't seen nothing yet.)

Margey Cook, on the rejection of RL6)
I'm really very disgusted it didn't win. Outsider interference caused it not to pass.
Yeah, I agree, outsiders like Alan Keyes, James Dobson, and Rick Scarborough.

Mitt Romney, (R-MA) echoing the right-wing talking point du jour:
What voters told us is that America is stuck and Washington is broken. Voters told us to move forward by embracing our conservative convictions that Americans agree with and value - and we will.

Here's georgia10's (of Daily Kos) right-on response to Mitt, and Laura Ingraham, et al.:
Mitt, Mitt, Mitt. Let me gently break the news to you. When you can't get an abortion ban passed in freakin' South Dakota, America isn't trending conservative. When you can't get a gay marriage ban passed in Arizona, America isn't trending conservative. When opposition to gay marriage bans was more than 40% in 5 of the 8 bans that passed, America isn't trending conservative. When a majority of Americans choose Democrats to represent them, America isn't trending conservative.


  1. Wh00t!!!! ::Does happy dance::

    Nice set of quotes, Curtis!

    In the midst of all my happy dancing about Democratic wins, I do have to admit to feeling some sympathy for a co-worker who was devastated and in tears because the abortion ban was defeated. At the same time, I'm human enough to say "So there! Now you know how I felt (devastated!) when The Shrub won in 2004." (Not that I said it quite that brutally...)

    Sigh. Politics. You just gotta love/hate it.

  2. Nicholas Nemec12:50

    Good point about the outsider interference. Keyes, Dobson, and Scarborough are just scary enough to make people vote the other opposite way. Adding them to our home grown scary people (Ms. Unruh) is enough to send a shiver down the back of the toughest battle hardened Marine.