Monday, November 13, 2006

And you thought VoteYes robo-calls...

were annoying and deliberately misleading.

Just be thankful we weren't treated to these dirty (and illegal) robo-calls in South Dakota. Looks like we would have been had we had a competitive House race; we lucked out this time. (Run, Leslee, Run!)

When are the good-guy Republicans going to rise up and depose their lawless and morality-challenged leadership?


  1. Anonymous07:47

    How about those Bloody Fetus Trucks? Personally, I want to thank the goons who drove those around and hauled out their five-foot posters of Fetus Porn. Thank you very much for giving the Vote Yes campaign a 12-point margin of defeat. But no thank you for standing in front of Lincoln High School in Sioux Falls the day after the election with your Fetus Porn, screaming at the cars and kids that "Judgment Day is coming!"

    Brother, Judgment Day came and went on election day and you lost. God won. Common sense won. Women won. Our nation's Constitution and Bill of Rights won. And we will win again just as soon as Rounds signs the next goofy ban into law.

  2. Anonymous09:48

    God Won? Common sense won? The Constitution and Bill of Rights won? Wow, if your view of common sense won I hope you are in a padded room. And how did God win? Do you honestly think he is for the killing of innocent babies (oh wait, you use made up word fetus)? Women's rights? This isn't a women's rights issue, it is a human's rights issue!
    All that said, the trucks were disgusting, the people in them obnoxious, and the point they wanted to make about how horrible abortion is could have been made in a much better way.

  3. Anonymous15:13

    Nope. God did win. I know because I talk to Him every night. Common sense, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, too. Wanna know why? 'Cause I said so (with a 12-point margin of defeat for you! Hahahahaha!!!!) I'm right. You're wrong. No returns. A thousand times infinity plus 2.