Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Ms. Speaks on South Dakota!!

Ms. Magazine in their fall issue has undertaken a petition drive of women to sign their names that they have had abortions and are in support of abortion rights.

There are three articles in this issue that I highly recommend to you. The feature on the abortion ban in South Dakota (a portion is available online) was very good, and suprisingly upbeat--clearly women across the country are waking to the threat against their health and are getting involved. We should all thank Betsy Krause and Leslee Unruh for supplying the scary arrogance that is fuel for the people-powered politics that changing things for the better in our fine state!

Some women in South Dakota may feel that the folks that bring us Ms. Magazine are enemies of good and decent society, but honestly I don't think they have an appreciation of what the feminist movement has brought them: the right to vote, their right to property rights, their right to travel unharassed, and their right to be treated at least nominally equally at work. Sexual harassment in the workplace is no longer tolerated, even (especially!) in South Dakota courts, as locally prominent Republican financial backer Doug Hamilton has learned. Whether she appreciates the sacrifice and commitment of the 1970s feminist activists, Hamilton's beneficiary Elli Schwiesow would not hold high office in the South Dakota GOP or be a Republican Senate candidate* if it wasn't for them.

*How serious a Senate candidate, well, I'll leave that up to you to examine the facts of her qualifications. But her sex is not part of the argument any more, and, well, let's praise the Lord (and thank Betty Friedan) for that!!


  1. Anonymous08:08

    South Dakota is probably going to end up passing Measure 6, judging by the signage between Rapid City and Sioux Falls and all points within. That's because our friends outside South Dakota don't think it's important to help fund a competent effort to beat back the loony Right in this state.

    It will be fascinating to watch what happens in other states which now point fingers and ridicule South Dakota. The kooks who back 6 are well-organized and financed, helped quite a bit by churches.

    Measure 6 is going to be rolling through other states and gaining momentum, smashing down the feeble defences of uninspired liberals and moderates. What we are up against is a Holy War. The loony Right use Jesus to prop up their troops, while we rely on wisdom and common sense, not to mention real world science.

  2. Am having trouble locating the magazine; the SD article is online but not in its entirety.
    I have to agree w/anonymous. There seems to be such an acceptance of status quo, I think many women are living in denial. This is only the first step in reducing women's rights in this state.
    Women I have spoke to are already gearing up for a possible defeat (yes on 6) and plan to purchase the morning after pill in bulk once it is released OTC for distribution to those in trouble.
    I don't think that it is going to be that accessible, but everyone needs hope, I guess.
    The pro abortion issue has always been ugly, no one wants to be called a Baby Killer and that is the mantra of the religious right. To be overtly supportive of a woman's right to choose is brave in this state. The RR has successfully demonized (devilized) this procedure and those associated with it.
    Having dealt w/someone from RR who is (was) very pro-life and having many heated discussions about the subject, I was saddened when her 16 yr. old daughter had "the" problem. I patiently listened to my friend's rationalization about terminating the pregnancy. I was not judgmental, just gave her the moral support and compassion she needed to complete the procedure. Her daughter has grown into a wonderful adult, married with 2 children. Regret? Maybe, no one wants to make that dreadful decision. Well adjusted and happy, yes. A thriving traditional family contributing to society. Everyone has gone on with their lives.
    I wonder how many other RR families will find themselves (or have found themselves) in the same situation? Shotgun wedding, like another RR friend. The young couple are living w/parents, no money, no jobs, no education. What a way to start a future and build a relationship. But, it is not my business and I will not be the grandparent raising this child. I wish them all the best.