Monday, October 16, 2006

Lutherans lit-bombed by RL6 storm troopers

More details on the madness last weekend.

From Atonement Lutheran:
Yes we did have a group putting flyers on the windshields and stopping folks as they went in to church! people were really annoyed! A parishioner told them to leave, that they couldn't do that on church property and got a nasty answer that they wouldn't leave unless the pastor told them they had to, so he went in to our council president (who happens to be in law enforcement) and when HE went out to tell them it was illegal the answer was 'well, we'll just come back again next week' ---they had already covered every car in the parking lot.
Faith Lutheran Church, a small and very friendly congregation across from South Middle School was also harassed by pro-RL6 people on Saturday night. RL6 supporters blocked the church driveways, asked people to roll down their windows, and offered their misleading literature to worshipers. If they wouldn't take the lit, they simply threw it in the open car window.

The Radical has also learned that Calvary Lutheran and First United Church of Christ were targeted as well last weekend.

Enquiring minds want to know: who will they hit next week? Lutherans around here are actually pretty conservative, so I really don't see how they think this will help their cause.

I wish they would just leave us alone.


  1. amy de-kock13:27

    This is completely obnoxious and outrageous! And to top it off, there is word that one of the members of RL6 has pressed charges against the Faith Lutheran Pastor who directed them away from the church! They are out of line.

  2. Anonymous14:56

    "misleading literature"

    Do you have any of this misleading literature? What is misleading about it?

  3. Anonymous16:07

    Are you kidding? The Pro-Life supporters were handing out literature to people who were interested in taking it. No one in the state that refuses literature will get it pressed upon them by Vote Yes supports! The volunteers that were handing out literature were on the side walk ( public property ) when the pastor came out, started yelling at them, and ripped literature out of there hands, throwing it on the ground, telling other people to throw it on the ground as well. What kind of pastor would do that no matter how he feels on any issue?

  4. amy de Kock14:53

    Good for the pastor! The last thing I want when going to church to worship, trying to be reflective, is being confronted by a bunch of Pro-Life activists, or any activists for that matter. It shows a big lack of respect. I appreciate the pastor's effort to show this is inappropriate and he won't stand for it.

  5. Do you have any of this misleading literature?

    Like, just about all of the RL6 stuff, written, and on TV, and on radio. I agree that after the election some people should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. It's not only wrong to lie to pass a ballot measure you believe in, it's a crime.