Saturday, September 16, 2006

Who Schwiesow represents

South Dakota District 32 State Senate candidate Elli Schiesow's website was recently updated, so I took the opportunity to browse the conveniently posted letters to the editor. They say a lot about what Elli Schwiesow's candidacy is all about.

Just in case you've forgotten since June.

(Where is Elli, anyway?)

James M Monro
Elli has a long track record of collaborating with others in the party to get things done.

Reality: Elli has been part of a hostile takeover of the Republican party that has split the organization. The Republican party leadership has shown that they simply they do not tolerate dissent, either within the party or in the wider political debate. Under the current Republican leadership, I believe their Party and the State are actually less likely to get things done. I am not criticizing all Republicans--but under the current Republican leadership, the Legislature apparently is more interested in making points than debating (or even discussing) real solutions. The result: we have eleven ballot questions and more Democratic candidates statewide than we've had in years. To me, Schwiesow does not represent collaboration, she represents ideological warfare. Who, you may ask who I think DOES represent a spirit of collaboration to get things done? Schwiesow's opponent, Tom Katus, and the SD Democratic Party, of course.

Gwen Caldwell
I believe that if Elli is involved in extremist organizations that they should have a name and not just insinuation that cannot be verified to discredit her as a candidate.

Uh, how about the leadership of the South Dakota Republican Party? Have you read the 2006 SD GOP platform and especially their 2006 Convention Resolutions? Holy cow.

Craig Ericks
When you go to the poll, it will be like taking a test. You will have a choice of two answers. If you mark your ballot for Elli, you will be right. If you don't, you will fail to help elect the type of leadership that only people like Elli Schwiesow will provide.

That's right, a vote for Ms. Schwiesow is a vote for the type of leadership that only people like Elli Schwiesow will provide. The kind of leadership that says: if you're not with us, you're against us.

Bill Stone
I believe Elli Schwiesow recognizes that public policy supercedes individual wishes.

Mr. Stone, as usual, makes his point clearly! (Not exactly a traditional Republican view, is it?) If you don't think government, on principle, should trump your wishes, then, well, don't forget to vote. (In my humble opinion, a Democratic vote would support your views over Mr. Stone's, especially here in South Dakota -- and especially in District 32 -- this year. But please do inform yourself and vote for liberty, whoever you think will promote it!!)

If the above inspires you to help, here's a few things you can do:

1. Visit, get informed, and sign up to help.
2. Visit for events and come on out and be part of the growing voice for moderation! It's lots of fun.
3. Of course, you can sign up for absentee voting at the Penn County Courthouse or vote anytime after Sep. 26! Vote early.
4. Dems need money, and your time, so if you can, please help them out.

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  1. Nicholas Nemec17:29

    GOP Resolution #16 is real scary. Let the religious wackos start teaching alternatives to evolution.