Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Answer Me These Questions ... Eleven?

Okay here's the full @#$%&! menu to printed any day now in our ballot, which I eagerly await, with baited breath, at my plastic model-barn mailbox. (It came with the house. Really.)

As posted by SOS Chris Nelson, who, despite my cranky mood after browsing The Questions, I will give a pass to today, for he seems to be level-headed Republican (too rare these days) and went for paper trail tabulating machines, so he's okay with me today.

The Questions

It's a little embarassing isn't it:

Constitutional Amendments C D E F
Initiated Measures 2,3,4,5,7,8
Referred Law 6 (HB1215)

A full seven of these 11 votes are either corrections to outrageously misguided actions by the Legislature, or calls for needed action where the Legislature did nothing. Three of the four Constitutional amendments, C,D, and E, reflect the lack of political and moral leadership in our one-party state government, that anyone would even consider such bad constitutional changes. I think F is the only question that I'm proud to have on the ballot, as it considers some serious choices that are truly worth pondering.

I do believe the time has come to hire us some Democrats.


  1. Anonymous16:44

    F is a bad idea. It would make it easier for the legislature to hold secret sessions. We've already got enough of that.

    How about publicly endorsing Initiated Measure 4 (medical marijuana)? It's the right thing to do.

  2. Actually I've heard otherwise from the authors of the resolution. The way the Constitution stands, it sounds difficult to hold a secret session because it states a "consensus" is required. The truth is that apparently in the context of the SD Constitution, "consensus" means "50 pct + one". Amendment F would crank up the required vote to 2/3 to go to secret session.

    About Amendent 4, you'll hear from me on that in the official Robbinsdale Radical Voter Guide in October. I'm not telling where I am on this yet until I look it over more carefully.

  3. Anonymous10:45

    You know, you might be right about Amend F. But take a look at the pro/con statements about Amend 4 in the AG's voter guide:


    It seems as if there's some confusion about it.

    I look forward to your opinion on Initiated Measure 4--it's not an Amendment, it's an Initiated Measure--and everything else in October.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Anonymous14:06

    When I was referring to the pro/con statements, I was talking about Amendment F, not Amend 4. There is no such thing as Amend 4.