Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Stop Amendment C

My wife Beth sent this out today. We're having an event at our house on Saturday and my local readers are very much invited.

Hello all,

I am writing to you with a plea for help. South Dakotan's Against Discrimination is fighting hard to prevent Amendment C from passing in November, but here in Rapid City, SDAD is having a hard time finding enough volunteers. Time is running short, and you can be sure that proponents of this Amendment are working very hard. The religious-right has had enormous success in the past because they are incredibly organized, and they have a wealth of volunteers who are willing to put in time and effort. Those of us who feel strongly about this issue must do the same to defeat this proposed amendment. Don't feel strongly one way or another? Consider some of the unintended consequences to Amendment C if it passes:

Amendment C states:
Only a marriage between a man and a woman shall be valid and recognized in South Dakota. The uniting of two or more persons in a civil union, domestic partnership, or other 'quasi-marital' relationship shall not be valid or recognized in South Dakota."
- Domestic Violence: When Ohio passed a similar amendment in 2004, women abused by their boyfriends could no longer file domestic violence charges. A "no" vote ensures our domestic violence laws will remain entact.

- Senior Care: Seniors often live together without being married for a variety of reasons including Social Security and Pension benefits. This amendment may add difficult steps in caring for our seniors, endanger their pensions, and disrespect their end of life care.

- Fortune 500 companies are increasingly offering domestic partnership benefits to both straight and gay employees. Successful businesses see domestic partner benefits as a way to attract top talent. This amendment tells businesses that they don't know what's best for their own business and may encourage those businesses to invest in a state other than South Dakota.

- In Michigan, people supporting a similar amendment were told that it would in no way affect health insurance. THIS WAS A LIE. The day after the vote, the same people who assured voters there would be to ill-affects on health insurance sued to take it away from non-married families and their children. These lies are both dangerous and immoral.

- Tribal Sovereignty: Tribal governments interact with the state government at a variety of points. If Amendment C passes, it may reduce the type of families that are eligible for enrollment in state programs because some families that are recognized on tribal land may not be recognized if they leave.

If you'd like to learn more about how you can help, please call me at 341-1871 or send me an email. Even if you can just volunteer one or two hours between now and the election, that would be GREAT. We're ALL busy - believe me, I understand that as well as anyone. If you don't have time to spare, but want to make a donation, please visit the SDAD website to find out how to do that, or give me a call, and I can help you with.

You are also invited to our House Party this Saturday, August 19, at 4:00, in the Robbinsdale area of Rapid City There will be LOTS of food, LOTS of drinks, and great conversation! You don't HAVE to RSVP (390-8873), but it would be nice to know if you're coming!



Beth Wojahn


  1. Your post contains a lot of false and misleading information.

    Even without specific domestic violence protections, people who are the victims of domestic violence can still press assault charges and get restraining orders against the perpetrators. However, in South Dakota, SDCL 25-10-1 says that people do not have to be married to fall under domestic violence protections. Read it; it's very generous in it's application.

    Regarding insurance benefits in Michigan, there was some initial confusion as to whether state employees would retain their insurance after their marriage protection amendment was passed, a judge ruled last year that they would, so this is a non-issue, too. And if government employees (paid by the taxpayers) are able to retain their insurance benefits, then there is even less standing that private employees might be denied them. Non-issue there, too.

    Seniors will be able to get wills and powers of attorney after the marriage amendment passes in South Dakota, just as they are able to now. Nothing will change here. Non-issue. Actually, what's disrespectful to seniors is that officially recognizing homosexual unions would place the marriages they've maintained for decades on an equal recognition with two men having sex together.

    I honestly don't know of any precedent for how tribal situations might apply in this case, but given how pretty much every other non-tribal law has interacted with tribal situations, their access to benefits are in no danger, either.

    In the end, two people having sex outside marriage (whether they're homosexual or heterosexual) shouldn't enjoy the same standing, benefits or legitimacy as marriage. That's part of what makes marriage the unique thing it is.

    It's a pity the Left has sunk to scare-mongering heterosexuals now that they've realized people just aren't buying the "civil rights" myth in sufficient numbers.

  2. Jorge Rodriguez15:07

    I agree with Bob. I hope it passes.