Sunday, August 20, 2006

Please add a photo caption

My good blogger friend Third Way Donkey captured Elli Schwiesow lurking in the hall outside while Howard Dean was inspiring the heck out of us all.

Please add your own caption in the comments.


  1. Having gotten close enough to Bruce Whalen to obtain a free T-shirt, Elli Schewishow wonders ... "did I accidentally get pregnant?"

  2. Anonymous09:47

    "I though my soul was supposed to be in here somewhere..."

  3. Any of you who want to witness the justice system in action, I go on trial Thursday (8/31) at the Pennington Co. Court House at 8:30 am. Y'all are invited.

    The crime? I asked people a question inside the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center during the Stock Show in Feb. If I'm convicted, the max is a year in jail and $1000 smackers fine.