Saturday, June 3, 2006

DIA Rally Report!

We had a great day today at the Take Back South Dakota rally held by Democracy in Action. It was windy, but that kind of strengthened the resolve of the crowd to keep their campaign literature on the tables and raise our voices over the wind! Many
Dem candidates and some Republicans as well were there to talk about their plans. Issues were also discussed (see the table educating folks about the dangers of Amendment C).

Sen. Adelstein came by to thank progressives for the support they have given him in his primary contest against Elli Schwiesow, and thanked DIA for their work in supporting new candidates for the SD Legislature that aims to solve problems instead of promoting ideological agendas.

The event included speeches by many of the new faces showing up in West River politics, including one of my favorite House candidates, Pam Hemmingsen, who really summed up what this all about: working to raise the level of dialogue and get real solutions from Pierre!

Musicians Leonard Running and Kenny Putnam supplied some great acoustic music to keep us smiling!

I have to applaud Democracy in Action for really doing great work, encouraging people from all political points of view to come together to promote real South Dakota values being practiced in our politics and government!

Followup: Denise Ross posted more pix of the rally on Mount Blogmore. Does the "guy sent by Billion" look familiar to you?

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