Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Desperate Divas

Leslee Unruh was quoted today (according to the Argus Leader):
They (petition circulators) were not from South Dakota.
I hope the South Dakota Campaign for Healthy families does some stats on the 1,200 petition circulators (yours truly is among that group) and publicly shame her for making this up. One of the most amazing things about the HB1215 recall petition drive is the fact that so many South Dakotans stepped up and collected the signatures. (I have to say, the vast majority of people I approached were anxious to sign the thing.)

Meanwhile, on the other side of our fine State, the lovely Jean French tearfully confesses (play video)
I was an unwed mother... m'kay ... but the one thing that kept me going was my child.
(I'm honestly happy she was able to make that choice and that it all worked out for her.)

Unruh and French got me pondering though ... that apparently neither of these women could find a way to avoid sex during their salad days. How, after the experience of unwed motherhood and lifelong regret (respectively, according to them) they can both so stridently oppose sex ed and contraception and have no compassion for people that don't agree with their point of view, is beyond my understanding. But I guess they have a constitutional right to make us scratch our heads.

If you meet either of these women, please ask them why they are against better access to birth control (even EC) and comprehensive sex ed, both of which have been proven to reduce abortions--far more safely and effectively than threatening doctors with jail.


  1. It shouldn't be that hard to figure out why these women are opposed to things that promote sex on demand. In fact, their experiences have taught them the folly of such things.

    Making a mistake doesn't mean you are doomed to keep supporting those mistakes the rest of your life, that somehow because you made a mistake you can't warn others about making the same mistake. How stupid a supposition is that?

  2. Two quick comments:

    1. "Sex on demand?" I can tell you, there wasn't much of THAT going on in my life when I was 20!!! (Or [especially] now that I'm married!!!) I have no idea what you are talking about.

    2. In my view, Unruh and French are quite welcome to speak their mind, but it's not "stupid" to ponder out loud how they can speak in such cold hypotheticals about tough life choices that are within their personal experiences. Oh, and, "warn" is not the same as "work to take away my daughter's constitutional rights".

  3. They both know they are being dishonest. Factual sex ed and contraception are inconvenient realities that get in the way of their agenda.

    There are lots of decisions one makes in life. I'm not going to let Leslee Unruh pick my investments for me. I'm not going to let her make my medical decisions for me or my kids either.

  4. By "sex on demand" I mean sex without being ready to deal with the consequences (i.e. an unplanned pregnancy)--meaning, get married or give up the child for adoption rather than kill it.

    By the way, only liberals find it such a mind-bender that people can learn from their mistakes, and find waking up to reality through those mistakes to be "cold." Shades of gray may be comforting when you're on the run from guilt and consequences, but the world is a lot more black and white than liberals want to face. We expect children to tend to run from reality; it's shameful when adults do.

    I also remain curious as to which Amendment in the Constitution guarantees the right to abortion? I've found some guaranteeing free exercise of religion, speech, the right to keep and bear arms, self incrimination and the like, but never found one granting a woman the right to kill her unborn child. Can you help me find that Amendment? Is it the First? Fifth? Eighth? Tenth?

  5. Bob,

    Many Americans are really losing patience with conservative lectures about "reality" when science, social programs, and foreign policy based on facts have been under attack by the Republican-controlled federal government for six long years. I believe I speak for many when I say I'm tired of seeing black and white thinking (and its result, hypocrisy) and ignorance celebrated.

    As for the right to make your own medical and ethical decisions, when the Constitution does not speak explictly, radical liberal that I am, I look to the Declaration of Independence for the Founder's intent. These rights (often cited in legal circles--on solid ground, even today--as the "right to privacy") we are talking about are "self-evident" to me. In that famous turn of phrase, Jefferson clearly was speaking against those who wish to impose their values on the whole of society, no matter how noble their intentions.

    I'm praying for the day when we can try to solve problems instead of lecturing. It may be coming sooner than any of us thought.