Saturday, April 1, 2006

Stand up for truth on Monday!

Let's tell the truth to everyone: this law is harsh and immoral.
Monday April 3, 9:45 am MT, 677 Cathedral Dr, Rapid City

From my friend Karen from DIA in Rapid City:
We will go for a solemn, subdued support of Dr. Buehner and his partners, rather than loud chanting and shouting, since the clinic will be open for business. Our signs will focus on thanking Dr. Bueher for his support for women. We don't want to disrupt the flow of patients or the concentration of the physicians inside! But it's important that LOTS of us be there. I hope you can join us, or, if you can't, that you can forward this to lots of people who will be happy to help this friend of women.

A group of extremist protesters will be in front of Dr. Buehner?s medical office at 677 Cathedral Dr. on Monday morning. We need to be there in force to demonstrate solidarity for Dr. Buehner and his colleagues. Out of respect for the doctors and their patients, we will maintain a strong, but respectful presence in our counter-protest.

Please join us at 9:30 a.m. MT on Cathedral Drive between 5th and Tower. Numbers will be very important to demonstrate our support of Dr. Buehner and the Campaign for Healthy Families cause.

Dr. Buehner has spent his career caring for South Dakota women and families. And he is a leader in protecting women's rights to medical care—he is a co-chair for the Campaign for Healthy Families and will appear Sunday evening in a debate against Leslee Unruh and Rep. Rhoden on Fox News at 9:30 p.m. He testified before the SD Abortion Task Force, he testified at committee hearings against HB1215, and wrote an excellent forum article for the Rapid City Journal. Now it's our turn to stand up for Dr. Buehner!

Dr. B, one of the brave founders of the SD Campaign for Healthy Families, has been going to bat against this law for a long time. I highly recommend his straight-talk op-ed from the RCJ, and here's a similarly straight-talk quote on KNBN from last week:
"It's a badly written, poor piece of legislation which compromises my ability to provide comprehensive health care for women. It would force unhealthy pregnant women to carry pregnancies to term against, their will, to risk their lives to do so."
What an guy. (Nothing like speaking the truth to really inspire—or annoy!) So I hope many people can come stand in his defense.

Sounds to me like Dr. B really took it to Leslee on Fox. Can't wait to see that.


  1. I had to work, unfortunately, but my wife Bethany went and signed a huge thank-you banner. Dr. Beuhner's wife read a statement too. Beth said it the gathering and comraderie was very encouraging and uplifting, in typical contrast to what the sanctimonious simplifiers brought to the same event: (RCJ, today):

    Some of the signs showed pictures of aborted fetuses, something [Jean] French said will become part of upcoming demonstrations.

    "Today was a little bit different, with the graphic signs," she said. "I think the reality of what occurs during an abortion is going to start becoming more prominent in the debate."

    Jean was carrying one of those 3 x 4 foot signs of a charred-looking 8-month nearly-born corpse. She was surrounded by a bunch of small kids, although she told the Journal:

    French said such signs are necessary but should be used sparingly whenever it's likely children would see them.

    Uh, okay.