Saturday, April 1, 2006

Letter to the RCJ Editor: Choosing moral battles

In our fine State, a vocal minority is aiming to make some medical (abortion, birth control access, end-of-life) and educational decisions for everyone else. I believe that in the final analysis, this agenda is motivated by myopia and selfishness, not by the truly Christian values of humility and self-sacrifice. Promoting these laws give "Christian conservatives" a feeling like they are reforming society for the better. Most of these issues either don't involve them at all, or are easy choices (for them), so no additional personal sacrifice is involved in making them law. On the other extreme, some apparently are easing their personal guilt by forcing others to do what they wish they had done. (I'm referring here, of course, to Leslee Unruh's decision to end her pregnancy. I really wish she had made a different choice, too.)

If you find the new abortion law and others that restrict liberty and personal choices in the name of "morality" insulting and arrogant, and an awful diversion of our efforts from other critical issues, please register to vote and do so in June and November and urge your friends to join us.

It's time to stop this nonsense.

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