Saturday, April 8, 2006

I Met Jack Billion Last Night

Jack Billion met with a group of interested folks at the home of Rod Lefholz Friday night. It was a really great meeting, a lot of prominent Dems were there. Dr. Billion is a really good guy who I know has the capability to put a lot of good minds together to make Pierre work for everyone. I don't know about his primary opponent, Dennis Wiese, but from what hear he's a good guy too and no matter what happens they will both do their best to defeat Gov. Rounds this year.

One thing he said that I thought was very good was that we as Democrats need to get their own out and active this year, but also get out there talking to Republicans (and listening!!) so we can find common ground to do good things for our State. Oh, and of course pick up enough crossover votes so we get enough Democratic seats to move our common agenda (and our non-common agendas) forward. Jack seems to be a uniter and has lots of good experience and I think he will be a great asset to the Dems in South Dakota this year. No matter how it all plays out. Good luck Jack!

I thought the below picture was really awful, until I realized that it makes me look like Howard Dean's crazy nephew, saying, "Run, Jack, run! Show 'em all why it's time for Democrats to lead!"

I have some other pictures I will post on the Pennington Democrats blog tomorrow, so stay tuned!

I met a lot of active Dems, including our kind host, Rod Lefholz, and had a nice talk with the state chair, Judy Olson Duhamel. She's committed and ready to go. What really impressed me about this crew was their enthusiasm, tempered by realism that if we are going to change Pierre, we have a lot of work to do!

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