Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Former Republicans (for this season, anyway)

Democrats around here are not wild-eyed lefty revolutionaries; we live here, and have a respect for the conservative point of view. Out here Democrats and Republicans share a strong libertarian streak, which is one reason 1215 and other paternalistic lawmaking has energized both Dems and Republicans to rally to change the Lege this year. Personally I have a strong respect for Repubs. that truly honor liberty and self-determination and aren't bent on social engineering throught law! But as a Democrat, I know what I stand for--you will find me always standing up for the little guy, the environment, social and economic justice, and a free honest respectful sharing of ideas. Actually, good moderate Republicans are for all those things too.

How about that.

If you are one of the Republicans I have met while collecting signatures for 1215 that told me they've had it and are supporting Democratic candidates this year, send me an email telling me why. I want to collect some quotes to encourage others to see the light as well. We can't change things without some help from a few Republicans that want to change things too! I'll report back here.

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