Thursday, March 9, 2006

TV coverage of the pro-choice rally and hecklers

I just saw KNBN's TV report of today's pro-choice rally in Rapid City on the evening news. The KNBN report described the pro-choice side of 9th street as "angry" and the anti-abortion side of the street as both twice as large (FALSE) and "celebrating".

I'm sorry, I WAS THERE and I estimated TWICE as many Planned Parenthood supporters their hecklers on the other side of 9th street. I also sensed a great sense of relief among the pro-choicers that they weren't alone, and many many supportive smiles, honks, and waves of people driving by us.

Scroll down and see my other pictures. Angry? Well, now, I'm angry! I phoned them and left a message on their machine how disappointing the report was. If you were there, and agree with me, please contact KNBN and tell them how much they misrepresented the event. Are they trying to please certain advertisers or their owners? Who owns them anyway? I don't care why but I'm really incensed that many Rapid Citians were given a very skewed picture of what happened at lunch today.

The anti-abortion people WERE a bit louder, largely because fully a third of them were St. Thomas More students who were probably required to be there, or drive through the intersection with anti-abortion signs on their cars. I'd love get the straight story on that one, if anybody knows anything, please comment.

To their credit KOTA-TV produced a much more accurate report of the event. I wish someone would have followed up on the St Thomas More student angle though. There were so many of them it sure looked orchestrated to me.


  1. I agree. After watching the KNBN report I wondered if we were on the same street. I can't believe how much they misrepresented this event.

  2. I discovered where KNBN got their numbers. Jean French, who I guess arranged the event and maybe even the excused absence (or assignment for?) the Catholic high school kids. Kevin Woster wrote a GREAT article for tomorrow's RCJ front page that sums up the rally and I think has some good analysis of what it means.

    I especially enjoyed the final quote from Jean French.

  3. KNBN misrepresenting an event? Consider the source.....

    Give them a break, they're barely professionals.....