Thursday, March 9, 2006

About Sen. Adelstein

Nick commented:
I'm not sure if I agree with you about Stan though. I think it took some courage and political risk for him to join us.

I'm really wrestling with the Stan thing. It was great to see him there, and I so appreciate the fact that he makes the (non-trivial!) effort to actually know what he's talking about, and his great respect for differing points of view. He's a very good guy.

But as much as I want to, and after much agonizing, I still just can't bring myself to register as a Republican to vote for him in the primary. His party has just done too much damage to the nation in the last 25 years.

A little context: my grandmother was a fine Eisenhower Republican who was in the state legislature of Washington. Nixon was a big heartbreak to her, and now his foot soldiers are running things, with special interests calling the shots, and no regard for fiscal responsibility or a respect for the process of constitutional law...but I digress.

It was so great at the rally to see other people feel the same way and aren't just pissed off but looking for positive ways to change things for the better.


  1. Anonymous12:25

    Stan's record as a pro-choice advocate and resource doesn't blend well with his political choices. I agree. For instance, he is a Janklow loyalist from beginning to end, and he basically bankrolled the campaign of the coward who signed HB 1215 into law, and then backed away from supporting it if it becomes referred. Yet, Stan invests deeply in pro-choice candidates within his own party and in the Planned Parenthood clinic and other pro-choice, pro-women causes.

    No doubt the Republican Party is the zealous prostitute of the religious right. A Democrat might not see it too clearly, but I don't know of many other Republicans who are trying to clean up their side of the street as much as Stan Adelstein. Perhaps that's why you see him so viciously attacked by the ChrisNeoCons who want total control of the Republican Party.

    Does that mean he deserves your support as a Democrat to cross party lines? Nope. But are you looking at this issue as a Democrat or as a person who believes in reproductive rights for women?

  2. Being one of Stan's constituents, I met with him last year & correspond w/him to let him know exactly where I stand on Women's Rights, education affordability, and poverty level wages in SD. I accused him of being a Democrat in disguise. He was offended by my comment and went on to explain his pro-business, personal responsibility stance.
    Being a recent transplant to the area it is difficult to know all the prior political indescretions and allegiances on Stan's part.
    For now, he is the best we have and women (and men) have to stand behind and support him. I admire his courage for walking out of the legislative meeting. He is the whipping post for the extreme republicans and that cannot be pleasant.
    Fortunately in my household, the men are registered Republicans (moderate) and will vote for Stan in the primary. My daughter & I are the Democrat holdouts but will campaign for Stan.