Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Is the climate changing, or is it just me?

New topic, for a diversion...

After the warmest January on record here, and a record high yesterday, I am dreading what kind of heat we'll be seeing August. Well maybe it will be a little quieter if some of the bikers boycott the state...

Heard this on the way home, this is a neat South Dakota Public Radio report by Charles Michael Ray about one of the geological wonders of South Dakota: Dr. Perry Rahn of SDSMT. It sounds like Charles may have gotten to go on this hike with Perry and his son to see the last glacier in the Bighorns, while it's still there. I'm quite jealous. Reminds me that I want to take the fam to Glacier National Park soon while the glaciers are still there, too.

I found the Rahn's pictures of this shrinking glacier online here in the School of Mines department newsletter (scroll down to page 7).

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