Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday, a good opportunity to reflect on one's direction and perhaps considering trying something (or not) in a traditional Christian 40-day spiritual exercise regimen known as Lent.

Not to say that this should be a day to beat up on oneself (in the too-traditional "sackcloth liberal" fashion)... simply a moment to reflect. I love the symbolism of painting one's forehead with a little bit of ash to remind us that our time is temporary.

We see reminders all around us: my mom in cancer treatment, my daughter's friend's mother telling me almost off-hand that she is missing a school meeting because she's in chemo and can't do it all, the division of our country and communities along angry ideological lines, ... any of us could go on with things that weigh on us, large and small, all signs of brokenness.

I hope you find a chance to ponder a bit today and in the coming weeks. I may even do something radical myself, like go to church tonight....

Here are some good thoughts, quite apropos to where I am spiritually these days, trying to find my footing: Lent for Dummies.

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