Sunday, February 26, 2006

A quandary

Register Republican? Really?

I don't know about you, but I am wrestling with whether to re-register as a Republican here in Pennington County so I can defend reasonable Republicans in the primary election. Sen Adelstein is expecting an attack from the sanctimonious wing of the Republican party this year.... He is generally a friend to women and actually introduced an 'abstinence-plus' sex ed bill this session--something most Democrats around here won't publicly embrace. But he is a member of a party that is not a friend to civil liberties, our national security, OR our public finances. Abortions are actually UP under Republican rule.

Of course, if Stan was kicked out, and replaced with some wingnut that is less qualified and basically pushes legislation that does not serve us well, this is another exposure of why Democrats need to come back to the table in SD.

So what's a progressive in South Dakota to do?

Anyway, here is some background on Adelstein's voting record, in hope that will help you think about it, too.


  1. Anonymous09:11

    Stan is going to need every vote; can you think of anything positive that would come out of registering as a Dem?

  2. Elizabeth (not Kraus)19:22

    Stan Adelstein did a lot for women this year. He stood up to the hooligans in the Abortion Task Force meetings, and he voted with women on nearly every single issue (from comprehensive sex ed to medical conscience to criminalizing teachers for passing out condoms, from emergency contraception in the ER to mental health counseling for those seeking abortion). He was our best and sometimes only advocate. Although I'm a registered Democrat and I don't live in his district, I'm going to do what I can to help him.
    Frankly, just the fact that the Forces of Darkness want him gone makes him well worth defending!

  3. Welcome to the SD Blogosphere. Us progressives are here and glad to add to our number. There are many more of us that people might think.

    By the way, don't register Repub. I agree with you about Adelstein, but let's defeat some of those far righties in the election.